How to make latte art

The theory of latte art

A cup of joy can’t be fulfilled without a beautiful latte art in your cup. Because of physic density, milk foam can easily rest on top of espresso shots. Spout Proximity is something you must understand. Yet good coffee is the must all the time.


Between spout and mug, if it’s too high, milk and milk foam is going under the crema. You want to make your spout as close as your canva possible, but not touch.


2.Rotate the cup

Depending on your design, if you are going to make a round Rosetta, wave heart, wave Rosetta, side tulip or vortex pattern, you really have to rotate the cup to achieve that spout proximity.

3.Bigger milk jugs help you get much closer to the surface of canvas with much better flow control.

Latte art in process

Latte art process from beginning to the end, you start from mixing, the placement, start point with tilt cup, when to pour, turn the cup and cut through to finish up.


Imagine you are going to paint the wall. You have to patch the hole with plasterboard filling and wait for dry to give another paint. Likewise, you start from consistent milk flow. Don’t hit the cup, but make a circulation. This easy process actually determines your 80% of latte art completion. Non-dominant hands, mostly left hand, can also help you with mixing. 


2.Placement with tilt cup

Again, you want to reach the spout proximity as much as you can simply by tilting the cup, and point the center of the cup as the starting point when you make a heart. Your momentum creates the current. The current is shaped just because of the bowl cup. 


3.When to pour

 Half full for symmetrical patterns, heart, tulip, single rosette or single swan because the stream has done the work itself but requires more wet milk foam.  ¾ full for advanced latte art, which combines everything, heart, tulip, rosette and swan, but you don’t want the current effect. Simply require “PUT” and “SET” not “PUSH”.

latte art

Symmetry is the key

Why I love latte art

Latte art is something that always wakes me up at 4:30 am every day in the morning without second sounds from my alarm. Latte art is my passion. I’m very enjoying it simply because I can communicate with my inner-self by milk flow control. I acknowledge my emotion by making latte art. I am aware I always want to achieve 100% perfection, but in return with a shaky hand. I’m aware there is still something distracting me so I can’t 100% focus. Multi-task is a must at work, but how to immediately change to my peace and quiet self is not easy. Hey, there is a lot more to talk about why I love latte art. Self-awareness is a never ending journey.

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