7 best coffee in the world

There are three dominant places naming coffee belts producing coffee beans in the world. They are Latin America, Africa and Asia(India, Indonesia and Vietnam). 7 best coffee grow among those area. Coffee from America tastes mild, acidic, nutty, spicy but mild balanced flavor. Best roasting trend in America is medium roast. Coffee from Africa tastes fruity and bright with a medium body. Yet coffee from most of Asia countries is Robusta but earthy, chocolaty and sweet with a heavy body.

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Yes, as you may have heard of Arabica and Robusta, however, there are so many coffee varieties out there. I’m going to share with you the best coffee based on  the type of variety, how frequently I have been working with it, how popular it is, and whether it is easy or not to get access to.

*Ultimately, it’s interesting to know the type of plants, but how the coffee beans have been natured is far more important. How’s the soil content, the temperature, what the process method is and who’s looking after the farm.

1. No.1 best coffee Maragogipe

Maragogipe is a natural mutation of typica. Extremely low production worldwide. Maragogipe beans are especially large, which are also known as elephant beans, and the plants also have incredibly large spacing between internotes and leaf size. Good to very good cup in central America.

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I barely have a chance to work with Maragogipe, not to mention independent roaster, but lifeboost source a lot from Nicaragua. Their flavoured coffee is literally hand picked in order to roast, which sounds very cool to me. Your gourmet cup is literally easy to reach in comparison to the old days. There are two codes exclusively to our reader. Please feel free to share and utilise. 

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2. Parainema

You can only grab these beans from the breeder Instituto Hondureño del Café (IHCAFE). The coffee seeds exclusively harvest from shaded and full sunlight plants. Green beans under shade contain more caffeine but less trigonelline and chlorogenic acid compared to those from sun-exposed plants. Paranema is classified as specialty coffee beans around the world.

No.7 COE in the world cup of excellence, in 2021 belongs to Parainema EI RUBI farm in Honduras. Luckily Spirit animal coffee caught its eye. I love Parainema simply because of its unique flavour and exotic profile around the world. Limited stock from them indeed, but available as a subscriber. A discount code HELLO10 for every goodie from them.



3. Bourbon

Bourbon is the mainstream variety for specialty coffee worldwide. Due to its versatility, your cup works well with light roast, medium or dark roast, and either manual or automatic brewing methods is fine. However, as mentioned before, the attitude, temperature and soil content also matter, bourbon from El Salvador is buttery and toffee-like; bourbon from Rwanda is more of a fruit punch. Thanks to its availability and quality profile, if you are a beginner for specialty coffee, Bourbon probably is the start point to work with, and for home coffee enthusiasts, I recommend bourbon is the first one to go. Never pay for the extra delivery fee. Lots of roster provide monthly subscription to cover the shipping cost. Equator coffee sources many of Bourbon Rwanda. You can try this out–-Rwanda NYAMPINGA light roast, wash process with green apple hint.


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4. Taste of Africa

I genuinely recommend coffee from this origin, Africa. Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Ethiopia are the main countries that produce coffee. I have done some experimentation between my espresso and milk, and either single origin or espresso blend work fine. Due to the low-acid, sun-dried and natural process, my advanced latte art is not going to blur and wash again. My stomach is not upsetting me one more time. Coffee from this origin works pretty well with all types of milk, oat, almond, soy, macadamia, cow’s milk….

This Uganda Bourbon is a must try. Fairly-traded, low-acid, hand washed and hand-picked as requested.

5. Robusta Vietnam

Coffee in Vietnam is mostly Robusta. People have given Robusta a wrong image for so long. Probably you heard that instant coffee is made of Robusta, which means cheap and low quality. Nevertheless, there are premium robusta in the market. More and more roasters have arabica-robusta blend to choose from, which means you may already consume in any of your local cafes but you are not aware of. 

Robusta is cultivated at lower altitude and more resistant to pests, which means it is easy to grow. Robusta contains more caffeine, less sugar and more antioxidants. Acidic level is also lower than Arabica. I was the one who gave Robusta the wrong name, but after I came across the Arabica-Robusta blend, that gave me another picture of it. Brewing time can be longer yet less dosing. Less daily coffee consumption also.

Nguyen coffee supplies roast in Brooklyn, NY. They also have traditional Vietnamese brewing gear to choose from. Having fun with my code 

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6. Hawaiian Coffee

Soil type has a lot to offer in Hawaii, which gives an opportunity to harvest one of the best unique coffee flavors in the world. Hawaii island has consistent tropical weather. It only has two seasons, summer and winter. Hawaii is also warm all year round. Rich volcanic soil, the temperature and the weather create smooth, rich-balanced, fruity flavor and heavy aroma coffee.

West of Kona mountain creates a shelter and perfect spot for coffee growth. Sunny all year round but with a bit of afternoon showers that provide natural irrigation. Hawaiian Kona is another good option to consider.

Holiday Coffee | Hawaii Coffee Company

7. Barrel Aged Coffee

This is an innovative process adding on before the roasting process. The roster stores the green beans in an empty cask for months before roasting. By doing so, this absorbs natural and aroma from charcoal oat barrel to the beans. There are bourbon barrel, whiskey barrel and rum barrel methods or even aged in different wine barrels. Are you drinking wine or coffee? You call it. 


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