What is good coffee?

Good Coffee?

You defines your good coffee. You pick whatever brands of roast or flavors suit you. 80% of coffee flavours are resulting from the chemical component of green coffee and roasted coffee. The chemical make-up of coffee beans varies according to geographical location, the species, soil condition, climate and other environmental factors.


Around a thousand chemical compounds have been found within the coffee bean. The complex combination of chemical make-up determines the cup of coffee on your hand. Your coffee roaster roasting style has done the most make-up work for you. The roasting process turns carbohydrates and fats into aromatic oil and builds up numerous acids. However, good coffee should not bother your palate at all. Good coffee always bring up rich and balanced-flavors, which determine a clean and contrast latte art.

Maillard Reaction

 The Maillard reaction, also called Browning reaction, takes place during the coffee roasting process. Green coffee beans roasting start to work from 200-225 degrees (390-438 F). The Millard reaction involves the rearranging or degrading of amino acids and simple sugar in a molecular reaction, which adds, enhances and determines flavor. 

What is good coffee?

More than 30 separate organic acids found in the roasted bean, the majority of them are Chlorogenic acids. Varying levels of different acids lead to different individual flavors. If these are well-balanced, they provide rich, complex and snappy composite flavours coffee. This is my definition of good coffee. Few type of acids tasting note are as below,

Citric acids–add brightness to small and moderate quantities

Malic acids–fruity apple note


Malic acids also have lots of healthy benefits. It’s found originally in apples and pears and being widespread used in skin care related products. Malic acids are also sold in dietary supplement form. 

Numerous studies show that it can promote energy production, increase exercise endurance and help relieve muscle fatigue.


Acetic acid—wine like flavour

Phosphoric acid—add sparkling and biting acidity

Ketones & Aldehydes

 Ketones(21.5) and Aldehydes(50.7) perform the most aroma in your cup, according to the study from the ground coffee. There are dozens of different types of ketones and aldehydes present in coffee. Each provides unique and distinct flavour and aromas, some are floral, sweet, fruity, honey-like, bitter or nutty

Q and A

What is the best way to store coffee beans?

The best way is not to store, only grind as you need and buy the right amount. Coffee beans lose freshness after roasting. Its big four enemies are air, moisture, heat and light. Retail coffee packaging is often not suitable for stores. Keep in a non-transparent bag with an air-tight seal. Not too close to the oven to avoid the heat. You can also freeze the coffee beans in small portions and tag with the roasting date so that you know first in first out. Simply following the basic brewing process is good to go.

What is coffee good for?


Coffee is well known for its caffeine content. However, both green coffee and roasted coffee contain various chemical components. Caffeine increases digestion resulting in detox and weight-loss. Probably 9 in 10 of us always have to go to the bathroom after a cup of morning coffee. Dozens of chemical compounds in coffee stop the growth of prostate and kidney cancer cells in laboratory study. Coffee is made from plant seeds. Antioxidants heal our damaged cells and have anti-aging benefits. The mounting evidence points out coffee has a lower risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes too. 

latte art

How to make good coffee?

Pick a well looked after coffee farm with steady agriculture surrounding is critical. Good coffee harvest in a good soil content, warm weather and unique process. Roasting effect makes you get good coffee make-up. Well educational baristas follow a good recipe to make you a good coffee in your local café with beautiful latte art.  Now I’m going to guide you through all the tips to make you a decent home barista. 

How long is coffee good for?

Generally old tea bags or coffee are not poison consuming after “Enjoy-By “date, but coffee should’ve been consumed immediately after roasting. The longer exposure to oxygen, the quickly lose the freshness and its flavor. Unopened whole beans last 6 months at room temperature, yet freeze beans last up to 2 years. Unopened Ground beans last 3 months at room temperature yet freeze ground beans last up to 2 years.

coffee grounds

What are coffee grounds good for?

As you may have heard, coffee grounds are good for gardening, because it’s a natural fertilizer. Coffee contains key elements for plants to grow, such as Calcium, iron, nitrogen, magnesium and potassium. Coffee also attracts worms and reduces weeds. 


I use coffee grounds to treat my under eye circle the most. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and contains very little fat tissue, that’s why the spot under the eye is easily seen as an ageing sign. Coffee has so many antioxidants and caffeine. This is an awesome way to keep you young instead of forking out on cosmetics. I mean, keep you real young and beautiful but it costs nothing. 

Coffee grounds also help your pets flea free, deter the insect, clean the grill or simply scrub on your whole body to remove dead cells. What’s more, the study shows coffee grounds can also reduce the appearance of cellulite, because coffee grounds help blood flow and break down the fat. 


Coffee is a stimulant in our daily life, and coffee grounds are a stimulant for our hair growth as well. Simply apply coffee grounds as a paste to your shampoo when you wash your hair. Again, it costs nothing. 

coffee liver health
coffee liver function

Why is coffee good for liver?

Coffee contains numerous antioxidants and its chemical compound has potentially reduced liver cancer and liver inflammation. Liver plays a big role in filtering out the harmful elements from what we eat and drink. Coffee enhances liver function. I can’t believe my morning coffee ritual even has something to do with my liver.