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Low acid coffee

Low acid coffee is an interesting yet controversial topic. I have been asked frequently. Coffee contains natural acid, which is around ph4.5 to 6. Various acids have been found in both green beans and roasted beans. The most abundant acid is Chlorogenic acid, which is an antioxidant that provides lots of health benefits. Acid in coffee is inevitable. This seems to bother people who suffer from acid reflux, stomachache or even heartburn. I’m going to bring up some ideas and its relative solutions on how to have your delicious morning joe yet low acid content.

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What is the acidic level in your daily diet? (especially morning intake)

Ph7 is neutral, such as water or milk. Ph0 is battery acid. Ph12 is soapy water.

  •  Coca-cola and other soft drink are around 2.5
  •  Orange juice/ apple juice are around 3
  • Beer is around 4
  • Black tea is around 5
  • A piece of sourdough is around 3.5-5(lactic acid)
  • A serve of yoghourt is around 3 
  • A pancake is around 4
  • A bagel is around 4
  • A serve of bacon is around 4.5

What is low acid coffee?

As you can see above, acidity is everywhere in our daily intake, coffee is no exception. Studies show coffee grown at low altitude has a low acidity level. Some chlorogenic acid is lost during the roasting process, which means dark roast is relatively lower acidic than light roast, but dark roast reduces the delicious origin unique flavours and may end up with a bitter, smokey and flat cup. Sweet acidity is something very special from a special variety and its surroundings. Brewing method also affects the acidity level.


Coffee from Toddy’s, also called cold brew, has a very low acid level, because coffee brews at low temperature, coffee oil never has a chance to release the chlorogenic acid. Acidic level increases as brew time from 1 to 13 minutes, but acidic level drops if brew is more than 14 minutes. Coffee particle size matters as well. The finer the higher acid content. How coffee is being processed matters too. In a natural or honey process, the pulp adds the sweetness and fruity flavours to the coffee, which decreases the acid level in comparison with a fully washed process. 

Low Acid Coffee

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  • Coffee grown at low altitude has a low acidity level.
  • The darker roast the less acid.
  • Low brewing temperature result in low acid
  • Acidity level go up from 1 to 13 minutes, but drop from 14 minutes
  • The coarser coffee particle, the lower acid
  • Natural process has low acid content 

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Is acid in coffee good or bad?

It’s great indeed.


Still, acid in coffee is inevitable. Chlorogenic acid has found lots of health benefits. Studies show Chlorogenic acid  lowering the risk of developing diabetes, and weight loss. Different acidic content determines the flavour of your cup. My post “What is good coffee?” has a thorough explanation. More than 30 different acids have been found in roast coffee. The most desirable ones are citric and malic acid. These compounds make coffee taste like apples and lime as long as a bunch of berries, fruits and grapes. High acidic level coffee is usually from high altitude. Because of scarce oxygen, the coffee plants produce lactic acid, which adds to the coffee acidic level. On a regular tasting form(cupping sheet), acidity is a desirable attribute in coffee and impacts the overall score from the judge.


Again, acid in coffee is inevitable. The rich balance of the morning joe is all about. Imagine you are eating a hamburger. If you only eat the bun and burger patty, it seems to have no flavours at all. However, if you add a few pickles and tomatoes with a sour and sweet taste,your taste bud is suddenly full of everything. You do not even feel the sourness but the beautiful mouthfeel between oily meat and natural citric acid. This is a complete experience.


How to make low acid coffee?

There are numerous ways you can follow to lower your acidic cup.

1.Use cold water for brewing

Hot water dissolves the oil from coffee easily, which results in high acid content in your cup. If it’s possible, lower the temperature from your espresso machine and your brew method. This creates very little acid.   


2.Add some dairy 

Cold milk is the remedy for citric reflux and heartburn. This also applies to your coffee. Instead of drinking pure black, adding a tiny bit of dairy can help.


3.Add a pinch of salt or baking soda

You can generously add a pinch of salt when you grind your coffee together. By doing so, you simply neutralise the acidic effect. If you add after you grind the coffee, this also works well, but tastes saltier.  


4.Breakfast first, then coffee

As you can see from the acidic daily intake above, acid is everywhere, not just in coffee. But acid in liquid is easier to absorb than solid food. You can simply make your tummy with food first, then having your delicious coffee afterward. 

 5.Pick your coffee origin right

Coffee from these origins found relatively low acid. 


  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  • Mexico
  • Hawaii

6.Use a filter before pouring in your cup 

The filter doesn’t allow coffee oil and any unwanted component passing through. Thus eliminate the acid content.

Low Acid Coffee

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Where to buy low acid coffee?