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panama geisha

Where is Geisha coffee from?

Geisha is a type of coffee varietal originally first found in Gori Gesha Mountain in Ethiopia by the British colonial expeditions. Soon afterward, coffee beans are somehow brought to Kenya or Tanzania for further research. Nowaday, you can buy Geisha from Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Columbia and Bolivia.


From PanaTime, on Wednesday, 15/6/2022, the Geisha coffee from Panama reached a worldwide unbelievable record $2,568 a pound sold to the Japanese Saza company in electronic auction Best of Panama according to SCAP, Specialty coffee association of Panama. This winning batch was a natural Geisha by Dr. José Manuel Gallardo. Best auction price was $1,029 a pound back in 2019, it belongs to natural Geisha but different farms. 

Don’t want to read? Here are our two Geisha coffee showcase!


Second best auction price, $1,502, also belonged to the Geisha varietal, but it’s in the wash process. A total of 18 lots of natural geisha coffee, 18 lots of washed geisha coffee and 14 lots of coffee of traditional varieties, such as pacamara, bourbon, SL28, java, mokkita, tipica, catuai among others, in natural and washed process were auctioned.


You can try every single variety by yourself as I recommended or head to your local favourite cafe. Geisha is really outstanding by all means.

Why is Geisha coffee so expensive?

Year by year, Geisha has consistently been scored 90/100 by the SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, which gives it an excellent reputation all the time. In addition to the rarity, the demand in the world is far more higher than supply. Without a doubt, the price is going up to the roof. $2,568/453= $5.6 (1 pound equal to 453 gram) 18g*5.6=100.8  The costing price itself is $100.8 per cup. You are definitely going to see $200 per cup. 

Especially Geisha Panama, between the Caribbean to the north and the Pacific to the south, coffees here are grown in nutrient-rich young volcanic soils, protected from harsh sunlight and surrounded by a virgin rainforest lush with unique yeasts, bacteria, and other beneficial microorganisms. These unique growing conditions combine to produce a distinguished cup full of attributes that cannot be easily experienced elsewhere.

Geisha Coffee

How does the Panama Geisha stand out?

For coffee taster and the cupping sheet at world standard, Panama Geisha is spectacular in these criteria. Good Coffee for more.

  • flavor
  • aromatics
  • acidity
  • balance
  • mouthfeel
  • aftertaste
  • sweetness
  • complexity

What does the Panama Geisha coffee taste like?

I adore the clean, sweet but multiple layers of flavour in one sip. The smell and the floral fragrance is also massive. It tastes like lemongrass, guava, jasmine, mango and mandirine.  The smooth and balanced body makes me enjoy it so much.

What do I sense as a business opportunity behind Panama Geisha?

business growth

Most people treat coffee as utility instead of culinary experience. We are just at the edge of inflation. The rich are going to get richer. The poor are going to get poorer. To get people to pay more attention to coffee as a luxury dining experience just like wine. We simply have to educate them why they have to consume and shift their perception. 

Hire well-educated baristas to suit your business strategy. If you consider yourself as a high-end cafe/restaurant, source super-sick beans, treat them properly, deliver a rarity experience and help your guests to appreciate it. This is going to elevate coffee and your business. 

Pairing with similar tasting notes between coffee and food is something we can do too. Raspberry pancake pairs with Honduras Pacas because of the sweet and berry tasting note. Vanilla or salty caramel French toast paired with French vanilla coffee from lifeboost. Pumpkin fritters pair with pumpkin spice. Canadian style pancake pair with honey lavender latte. Red bourbon can easily pair with red wine T-bone.  Please refer to the coffee flavour wheel for the whole picture. 

Where to buy Geisha coffee?

As mentioned before, Geisha is a type of coffee variety not easy to grow. Once you understand how the roaster sources their coffee beans, if you search for cheap Geisha coffee, it absolutely does not exist or is not a genuine batch. I only vouch for these two places.

How to brew Geisha coffee?

Simply enjoy your Geisha as black coffee. Dash of dairy or nondairy wouldn’t bother either. Chemex, moccamaster, Hario V60 or french press are all recommended. Treating yourself with a metal reusable filter will be a plus because you want to experience a unique and clean body. Brewing temperature control between 82-86 degrees. Minimum two time turbulence (stirring) during brewing is a must. Espresso machine is the last resort for brewing Geisha coffee.  

If you just feel like a dash of white paint in your coffee, milk option here.

Is it worthy to buy Geisha coffee?

Absolutely. You definitely can’t buy Geisha in any convenience store or Mcdonald’s, but at some point, you can give it a go from Honduras Geisha or Peru Geisha and at least try Panama Geisha once. 

Ever since I fell in love with my single origin black coffee, I definitely can’t go back to house blend black. Pure, clean and sweet enlighten my day.