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coffee scale

Why is coffee scale very important?

You can’t achieve accurate brewing without a coffee scale. Imagine a pastry chef baking a cake, you want to follow a certain recipe to just make it right. Especially for any beginner, taste varies from person to person. However, once you follow a path to train your tongue palate, which is a fundamental training session, you are able to develop your own recipe, because you are aware of the coffee flavour wheel

Working in a team also requires a certain recipe to follow during the day. Some shops may have different recipes in a day, morning and afternoon. Coffee ground is something too light to measure without a scale. Good coffee is from a guide recipe. Clean latte art also requires rich-balanced coffee, fresh coffee, proper extraction and the understanding of acidity level. Please refer to my video—the importance of coffee knowledge,from a latte art point of view.

TIMEMORE coffee scale 

weigh between 0.1g to 2kg. It has automatically time scale. It’s very precise to espresso dial-in morning process. I personally found it very durable and affordable.


BREWISTA smart scale 2

I use this one at my work too. light weight is good for home used. Maximum 2kg capacity. Auto off after 3 minutes. I only recommend USB battery charge.


How to measure coffee beans without a scale?

Again, measuring coffee without a scale is a last resort. However, there are always other solutions. If you are making coffee using an espresso machine, the easiest way is to check your filter basket, the basket inside the porta-filter. Generally home machines often come with an 18g basket, such as Breville Barista Pro. Commercial machines generally come with either 22g or 24g baskets. Once you level your coffee ground in the basket, you achieve the desired amount. 


For aeropress or pour over, your kit comes with a scoop. Simply follow the instructions then you will have 17g of coffee. Kitchen used scoops also do the work too, even measuring cups.

NOTE: whole bean or coffee grounds make no difference in this method.

How acidic is coffee ph scale

Coffee acidity level is around ph5-6. There are few options in the market to choose from. There are also other solutions to decrease your acidity level. Refer to Low Acid coffee.

PH Meter, PPM Meter and PH Tester 3 Pack