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bourbon coffee

What is bourbon coffee?

Don’t be confused with American Jim Beam. Bourbon is an important coffee variety of Arabica. Seeds were first found in Ethiopia in the 17th century. However, bourbon is carried across the world right now. You can buy bourbon coffee from Central America, India, Columbia,  Brazil, El Salvador and most East Africa countries, such as Rwanda. Again, due to different geography, soil content, temperature and altitude, bourbon brings up various flavors. Bourbon Rwanda is not going to taste the same as bourbon Brazil. Therefore, one of the important contents, acidity level, is absolutely different.  I discovered “the importance of coffee knowledge from a latte art point of view” here. Welcome to refer here for low acid coffee

Tasting tips to order at your local specialty cafe: Variety+Origin (eg Bourbon Columbia)

How many types of bourbon coffee?

There are three types of bourbon coffee, pink, yellow and red, but they can’t be harvested at one plant. Bourbon is considered a specialty bean worldwide. It’s famous for its complexity, sweet and clean cup. For roasters, bourbon is easy to work with either light, medium or dark roast. For baristas, bourbon is suitable from 1:1.5 to 1:2.5 ratio. For customers, they are barely upset with a bourbon cup, either black or white. I’m also very satisfied with any bourbon I work with, especially bourbon Rwanda. 

How to make bourbon infused coffee?

Rosters add another procedure prior to their roasting process. They soak the green beans in a bourbon, whisky or Jim beam cage for up to 90 days, then roast to remove the alcohol, so only bourbon, whisky or Jim beam flavours remain. If you are a coffee and alcohol lover, now you have a chance to have both at once. It’s so interesting adding some fun at your Sunday brunch. 

Support local roast in Tolar, TEXAS

Whiskey Morning coffee combo come with

*1 10 oz bag of cherry wood smoked dark roast

*1 10 oz bag of bourbon barrel aged ground coffee

What does yellow bourbon taste like?

Most of the yellow bourbon nowadays is produced in Brazil. You can tell from its sensory features. It tastes sweet and multi-layer in one sip and full of citric acid level yet grows around 1000 metre above sea level. The acid level from yellow bourbon is relatively low. The relevant tasting note has raisin and ripe fruit aftertaste.

How is bourbon barrel aged coffee made?

This is similar to bourbon infused coffee. Rosters soak the green beans before roasting, but they soak in oak aged casks. I mean these casks were used to ferment to make alcohol year by year and never been washed.  Again, after the roasting procedure, only bourbon flavour left, zero alcohol remains.

Barrel aged coffee 3 packed bundle from Oak & Bond give you 3 flavours at once, there are scotch whiskey, bourbon and rye whiskey. You can also try this whiskey barrel aged and bourbon barrel aged from liftboost. 

What is in Jim Beam bourbon vanilla coffee?

You are literally having vanilla taste coffee but add on Jim Beam Bourbon flavours. The combination of cage process and coffee roasting feature are able to provide the balance between the spice and fruit sweet. The natural cocoa, nutty and mellow toned flavour finish is very smooth and velvety-like. You can explore the entire barrel aged coffee here. Barrel aged on single-origin is also really cool.