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Latte Art

It’s all about milk science

How does it happen when the cold milk steaming process turns into foamy and silky heated milk to create latte art?  Theoretically, the denature of the protein and the lipid content bond together during the steaming process. This creates a perfect environment to trap air bubbles introducing from the steam wand. When you add to the espresso, you create delicious foamy milk coffees, resulting in being enjoyed worldwide.

What options of milk serve in my café?

Three major constituents of milk

Protein is 90% responsible for foaming, as milk heats to around 50 degree, these proteins denature, stabilizing, trapping and coating the air bubbles that are introduced by the steam wand.

Fats are important for the layer tasting, giving us a thick and rounded mouthfeel. The higher fat content in milk, the richer and silkier milk beverages are able to reach. There are various levels of milk fat. Skim milk is around 0.2% fat, light milk 2% fat. Dairy-free milk fat content varies from brand to brand. Milk lab almond fat content is relatively high yet tastier especially in your cappuccino.

Lactose, which is also known as natural sugar in milk, is the reason why you taste sweet. Because lactose is less soluble than sucrose, it seems hard to digest. However, the steaming milk process breaks down the sugar, resulting in the sweetness of the milk. Still, if your body can’t create enough lactase to digest lactose, you may not be able to absorb lactose properly, which can lead to lactose intolerance. Lactose full-cream or lactose light is also worth considering.

What is latte art?

The time to showcase yourself? The connection between the barista and your lovely customer? The method to make your cafe stand out?  It’s the milk steaming process that creates microform, baristas pour into your coffee to create latte art in your cup. The more protein content of milk, the more easily it grips to the top of crema. 

That’s why you only see world-wide competition using full-cream milk. However, lots of local competitions use dairy- free milk as a subject. That’s for newly branded campaign purposes. A latte artist can make latte art on whatever milk is. However, beautiful latte art require good quality espresso. More about good coffee here. 

Please don’t make latte art before you have fully picture of your coffee beans. Geisha, you must try first.

Latte art for me is always something leading me getting closer to my inner-self. I can easily talk to myself by the latte art performance and result. I love latte art simply because I’m able to figure out my daily life thoughts, decisions and actions. This is the power that you can 100% control your own life. 

Current milk coffee I'm using and enjoying


What milk options do you have?

Generally, let’s categorise into dairy or non-dairy. You have full-cream milk, light milk, skim milk and lactose-free milk. You have oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, macadamia milk and almond milk as your dairy-free option. Lots of different brands of milk provide different formulas also.

Is oat milk good for you?

Yes, oat milk is free from lactose-fee, any cow’s produce and soya. Oat milk is also very nutritious, contains vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, high fibre, low fat but high protein. It’s a good option for any vegan. Imagine you just consume 1 cup of coffee a day, you add on fibre in your diet. Easy to get a full tummy, full of energy but low fat. You can achieve your weight loss easier.

Oatly Oat milk pack of 6

Oatly oat is not only nutritious but also contain plenty of protein. It’s easy to make latte art by Oatly oat milk. Feel free to ask me tips of frothing technique. 

How many milk calories in a cup?

This is a fact sheet yet an important part of our daily intake. Study shows women suggesting daily calories intake 2000 cal/ men 2500 cal.

Full cream (per 1 oz)

Cals 17g

fat 0.92g

carbs 1.28g

protein 0.91g

Full cream (per 12oz)

Cals 17*12 =204g

fat 0.92*12= 11.04g

protein 0.91*12 =10.92g

Milklab almond (per 1 cup 250ml equal to 12oz)

Cals 91g

fat 6g

carbs 2.7g

protein 2g

Oat milk(per 1 cup 250ml equal to 12oz)

Cals 149g

fat 4.5g

carbs 21.3g

protein 2.5g

Coffee (per 1 mug 250ml equal to 12oz)

Cals 2g

fat 0.05g

carbs 0.09g

protein 0.28g

I calculate the 250ml for different milk as an example. Roughly one meal 500-600 cals. When you plus 3 times for 3 meals, there are actually no other calories intake for coffee and milk for a woman. There are few solutions for you.

  1. Order small coffee 6oz or 8oz
  2. 1 milk-based coffee a day
  3. Black coffee during the day

Are almonds good for you?

 Yes, there are lots of healthy benefits of almonds. Almonds nuts are tasty and full of flavour. Similar results when it comes to almond milk. When you compare almonds with oat, they are both high in protein but low fat. Almonds add on different nutrients, such as fibre, protein, vitamin E and magnesium. Almonds have loads of antioxidants too. This leads to anti-aging and disease. Numerous studies show higher vitamin E intake results in a low rate of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Magnesium lowers your blood pressure level too.

What milk is vegan?

 The production of milk simply without cow’s products involved. Almond, Soy, Oat, Macadamia, cocona or even banana milk are all vegan options.  You can make your own vegan milk with NUTR at home. Simply water and desire ingredient.

What we love and recommend

Califia almond/ keto/ vegan/ unsweetened/ non-GMO/ low calorie

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Pacific original Almond/ unsweetened/ lactose free/ soy free/ keto

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Milkadamia Macadamia/ unsweetened/ smooth/ made in USA/ nut-based/ very tasty/ low carb

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