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Fundamental Barista Training liaising with Cert 2&3 in Hospitality SIT30616

  • Use a computerised reservations or operations system  
  • Participate in safe food handling practices   
  • Use hygienic practice for hospitality service   
  • Provide advice on food and beverage matching  
  • Serve food and beverage   
  • Work effectively with others 
  • Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 
  • Show social and cultural sensitivity  
  • Work effectively in hospitality service  
  • Provide table service of food and beverage  
  • Prepare and serve espresso coffee


ideal for school on-site/ tuck shop training

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2 Hours Fundamental Barista Skills 1 to 2

  • General espresso machine cleaning procedures
  • Understanding drinks menu
  • Barista opening shift dial-in, dosing technique and recipe
  • Silking milk steaming technique
  • Basic latte art tips

ideal for

1.Beginners who want to get into industry as an all-rounder or barista  

2.Baristas who want to sharpen their skill.

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2 Hours Gun Barista Skills 1 to 1

  • Milk Splitting Skill
  • Understand milk to cup ratio
  • Understand espresso tasting flavor chart
  • Understand prioritization drinks order
  • Understand working with efficiency
  • Understand different coffee beans dial in 
  • Understand coffee origins, roasting profile, and coffee process procedures
  • Consistency in basic latte art
  • Master one of your choice advanced latte art

ideal for

Ideal for Baristas who are willing to learn how to work solo in any venue contributing a minimum 5 kg by themselves. You are able to get hired real easily at any coffee related venue. You are also very easy to travel around the world with skill at hand. This is a lifetime skill set.

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2 Hours Basic latte art

  • Understand milk to cup ratio
  • Understand spout proximity
  • Ultimate silky milk steaming process
  • Guide you through all Basic latte art

ideal for

Any cafe all-rounder who is keen to become a barista position in no time, or baristas who want to sharpen their skills