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What is this website about? 

After being a barista couple of years,  I want to share with you my honest opinion on coffee online  courses and related products.

Who does it intend to help?

Whether you work from home or coffee enthusiast, you are able to find good source of in-depth knowledges of making your delicious coffee on your own. Also, for the people who wants to learn the barista skill to travel around the world, you absolutely come in the right place.

Who am I?

My name is Jean.  I’m a Taiwanese yet settling in Australia since 2017. I’m mother of one lovely boy, Daniele. I work as a barista in Australia. My passion is latte art.  I addict to real estate as well. “Everything is possible” is my nickname. 

Where you can find me?

You can find me on Groundup espresso currently. I pride myself serve you the best coffee in town.